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What my clients say


Consistently providing a positive experience to my clients is a top priority, and it’s immensely rewarding to see their satisfaction reflected in the glowing reviews they leave. Whether it’s through a life-changing experience, discovery, or ending a bad habit of a lifetime I strive to ensure that every interaction leaves a lasting positive impression.

These reviews not only validate the hard work put into my clients but also serve as a testament to the strong and enduring relationships I build with my clients, making their feedback a valuable source of motivation and pride.


What my clients say

hypnotherapy testimonial

I had sessions with Louise and I have to say it was fantastic – not only did I notice mental positive changes, but huge physical changes too. My neck and back hurt a lot less and I feel that I have a huge amount more of confidence in my daily life. Louise is an amazing hypnotherapist, really makes you feel comfortable and relaxed! Hugely recommend hypnotherapy with her!

Matilda Smith

Very Competent and Trustworthy. I came to Louise for assistance for a discrete issue. She was patient, calm, understanding, and helpful. Within 3 months, about 12 sessions, I felt a complete 180 from when I first

arrived. I am now much happier, more confident, focused, and self assured. Most importantly, I feel like life is easy and I now know that I can control my life and things will continue to get better and better. I highly recommend Louise for all sorts of life issues. She has seriously changed my life for the better.


Louise helped with my driving confidence and overcome panic attacks. Her soothing and reassuring voice made me feel at ease.

Xiomara Harrison

hypnotherapy testimonial

Absolutely Awesome after almost a lifetime spent as a smoker and multiple attempts to quit using cessation, patches and vapes to name a few with no real success over 27 years,

Louise with her beautiful calming voice has helped me regain control and overcome my addiction to cigarettes in a matter of hours. I haven’t touched a cigarettes since February so far around 5 months with no alternative to or desire to smoke again which is phenomenal. Thank you so much Louise you have truly changed my life!

Leah Driscol

Louise is very kind and calming. I enjoyed her positive, friendly personality and I found the sessions with Louise very relaxing. I always felt calmer and happier after a session with her.

Rosie Boston

Louise helped me be less afraid of spiders!!! Before I was petrified and now I can even pick small ones up. AMAZING 🙂

Throughout the whole process, she was calming and very encouraging. She has a wonderful soothing voice and puts you totally at ease. I have been highly recommending her to anyone I know that might need help with any phobia’s, quitting smoking, or anything that I think her skills will benefit.

Laylah Perrin

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hypnotherapy testimonial

I’ve been having Hypnotherapy with Louise for a while now and I am very happy with the results. In the beginning I was quite sceptical and didn’t think it would do much for me. I was wrong. The change has sort of snuck up on me. I only noticed I behaved differently after the fact in a few instances and was then pleasantly surprised. I trust myself more now to behave as I would wish it and I firmly believe this is the result of the hypnotherapy. It’s made me calmer and less anxious and definitely more confident.

Kristen Thormann