Hypnotherapy for stopping vaping

So are you ready to commit becoming an non- vaper?


If you are ready to become a ex- vaper, have a look at these questions:

  • Have you tried to stop vaping before?
  • Are you anxious about the unknown risks to your respiratory and heart health?
  • Are you tired of buying liquids, filters and batteries for these devices?
  • Would you like to benefit from improved mouth, throat and gum health?
  • Would you like to benefit from an improved immune system?

E- cigarettes, what are they? 


Vapes also known as Electronic or E-Cigarettes, have been in the UK since 2007.

E- cigarettes or vapes are electronic devices that heat a liquid that becomes a vapour that people can inhale. Vapes or e-cigarettes imitate the action of smoking.

The liquid used in vapes or e-cigarettes usually contains nicotine which is the addictive stimulant drug used in cigarettes.

Does vaping have health risks?


(As e-cigarettes or vapes are still a relatively new product we still don’t know the full extent of the health risks that they may carry.)

Studies have shown that vaping can lead to respiratory issues, an increased risk of lung and heart damage. 

Vaping creates a dependency similar to that of traditional cigarettes, which is a combination of nicotine addiction and psychological dependence. 

Despite being considered less harmful than cigarettes, vapes are not risk free. Chemicals that are potentially harmful have been found in vapes. Users can experience side effects such as cough, headache, nausea and mouth and throat irritation. The long term effects of vaping are unknown. 

in 2019 the University of Dundee published the results of a study that suggested that vaping may cause less harm to blood vessels than cigarette smoking. 

However, according to the British Heart Foundation, more research is needed on the long term impact of vaping.

So why do we vape, when it’s not risk free and the long term impact to lung and heart health is unknown?


There are certain parts of our brain that do not like change and lock us into a belief that we need it and a fear of how awful we will feel without it.

This belief then makes us think that we need it because it will make us feel better, help us to relax, relief from boredom, feel less stressed, and that it’s really hard to give up.

In reality these beliefs are false and vaping does the opposite because, it can make us feel more stressed, anxious or even depressed, and giving up can be easy. 

Breaking free from vaping is a game changer, which creates a positive momentum for gaining control over other areas of your life. 

Clients remark on enjoying higher energy levels, a calmer and more positive mood, an improved sense of taste and smell, healthier teeth and clearer, brighter looking skin.

Cost of vaping:


According to cancer research, vaping costs people on average £150 every 3 months


What else can I help you with?

How Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help:

The good news is, that if you are ready to commit to becoming , or a non-vaper hypnotherapy is an easy and effective way to quit.

Hypnotherapy for stop vaping uses the same technique as for stop smoking.

People who have used hypnotherapy to quit smoking find that they don’t gain weight or experience as many unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that quitters who have tried other methods often report. 

Once you have made that 7/10 decision that you really want to quit vaping, it can be achieved that in a single session that lasts around 2 hours. In the first part of the session I use psychotherapy to help you understand what drives your vaping habit.  In the second part of the session I use hypnosis to overwrite your existing subconscious story that you need to vape with a new subconscious story that you don’t need to vape. Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing technique of transformative rest and can feel a bit like being in a daydream. It is the relaxation effect gained from hypnosis that helps better cope with nicotine addiction and withdrawal.

Hypnotherapy provides you with the tools that empower you to leave the session as a non-vaper and the aftercare to remain a non-vaper.

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